Emotions and politics collide in award winning graduate artwork

Award winner Evan Pank with Artereal Gallery representatives

Award winner Evan Pank with Artereal Gallery representatives Luisa Catanzaro (Director) and Rhianna Walcott (Gallery Manager & Curator)

SCA student Evan Pank has been awarded two major prizes as part of the 2017 SCA Undergraduate Degree Show. The printmaker received this year’s Artereal Gallery Mentorship Award, which offers him exhibition and profiling opportunities and a year-long mentorship with the Gallery, as well as the inaugural Megalo Print Studio Residency Award. The awards were presented by SCA Director Andrew Lavery on Tuesday 21 November, the opening night of the exhibition.

Titled The Twelfth Man, the winning artwork examines the integration of football supporter culture and political activism through the depiction of violent protest within the cauldron of a football stadium. Pank explains: “The work draws on my own experiences as a football fan in Australia and watching games overseas, incorporating the emotional and political dynamic that I’ve experienced at different fixtures as a framework for the development of the artwork.”

Artereal Director Luisa Catanzaro commented: ”Pank’s work is bold and confrontational. It transports you and immerses you in another time and place. It addresses issues of politics, violence and identity in a sub-culture that is clearly evoked through simple but evocative imagery.”

“We were particularly impressed with Pank’s ambition in realising the work on such a monumental scale and his clear mastery of print making techniques as well as the simple installation/presentation style,” Catanzaro continued.

This is just the beginning for Pank, who plans to use both the mentorship and the residency to develop new work in 2018.

“Being selected for the Artereal Award has given me a lot of confidence in my own ability to pursue an art career and in my own practice,” he said. “The mentorship will help to provide me with direction coming out of art school and enable me to keep my momentum after finishing. I have a lot of ideas for new work and it will be great to have the support from Artereal Gallery to develop these concepts.”

The striking artwork was created using both screen printing and spray painting across two, six metre lengths of paper. Pank aims to explore further this technique and scale, explaining that the four-week residency at Megalo Print Studio will be the perfect opportunity to do so. “I haven’t undertaken a residency before so I’m excited to have this opportunity and experience,” he said. “I’ve got more screen print and spray paintings that I would like to complete and the facilities at Megalo will help with my large-scale artworks.”

SCA prize winning students

Prize winners (L–R): Edward Clarke (Printmedia), Mikaela Stafford (Tilly’s Award for Honours Student), Jackson Farley (Drawing and Printmedia), Kate Coyne (Painting), Justyna Stanczew (SCA Director’s Award for Honours Student)

SCA Director Andrew Lavery commented that overall the work in the 2017 Degree Show was of a particularly high standard, concluding that, “the judges had to make some hard decisions this year”. Artereal Gallery gave an honourable mention to William Normyle and Bethan Cotterill and numerous other prizes were awarded to students from each studio area. These prize winners were:

SCA Director’s Award for Honours Student: Justyna Stanczew

Tilly’s Award for Honours Student: Mikaela Stafford

Artscene and Derivan Award for Painting: Sung Lee

Artscene and Chroma Award for Painting: Kate Coyne

Artscene and Faber Castell Award for Drawing: Jackson Farley

Artscene Award for Sculpture: Georgia Irving

Artscene Award for Printmedia: Edward Clarke

Artscene Award for Printmedia: Jackson Farley

Artscene Award for Photomedia: Michele Sierra

Artscene Award for Screen Arts: Lauren Barrett and Chris David (collaborative project)

Artscene Award for Jewellery and Object: Maxine Castillo

The 2017 SCA Undergraduate Degree Show is on display and open to the public until 26 November.

2016 Artereal Gallery Mentorship Award winner Kai Wasikowski’s solo exhibition, Moments of love and apathy: Part 2, opens at the gallery next week.

SCA would like to acknowledge the support of the generous sponsors who have made this year’s degree show and awards possible: Artereal Gallery, Sydney, The Artscene, Tilly’s Art and Office Supplies, Megalo Print Studios.