SCA takes over MCA’s ARTBAR

SCA academic and artist, Julie Rrap will curate this month’s ARTBAR at MCA. On Friday 25 August grab your ball gown and mask because Julie Rrap will be transforming ARTBAR into an after-dark masquerade.

With works by more than 30 SCA students, staff and alumni, Julie is curating this event to celebrate the long and continuing history of SCA.

Hit all your senses with a sound and visual artwork by David Haines and Joyce Hinterding. Ever tasted an artwork before? Tayla Tallis’ pastry artwork will serve your tastebuds …

Stop by the mask making workshop to don your disguise and seize the chance to be a part of performance with Kim Phuong Nguyen.

The event includes a masked ball, so you are encouraged to participate by wearing an interesting outfit and a mask. There will be a mask-making workshop along with a number of events and activities including video programs, performance works, participatory events, life drawing classes, two student bands performing, live sound work, DJ’s, dancing, food and drink.

When: Friday 25 August 2017, 7-11pm
Where: MCA
Tickets: Buy tickets here

Featured SCA students:
Chantel Bann -3rd year Photo-media student - Music Band
Elwira Titan - PhD student - video
Danica Knezevic - PhD Student - performance/video
Blake Lawrence - 3rd year Photo-media student - video/ instructor of life-drawing class
Madeleine Fountain - 3rd year Photo-media student - performance/ mask-making workshop
Yemaya McDonal - 3rd year Photo-media student - performance/video
Tayla Tallis - 3rd year Photo-media student - participatory performance
Luke Tisher -3rd year Photo-media student - performance
Harry Klein - 3rd year Photo-media student - music/video
Kim Nguyen - 3rd year Photo-media student - participatory perfromance
Remi Siciliano -3rd year Photo-media student - interactive video work
Andrew Christie - MFA student - perfromance
Ania Gareeva - MFA student- large hanging screen print work
Marta Ferracin - MFA student - sculpture installation outside
Brooke Carlson - MFA student - performance/ video
Patrick Diment - Honours student - Interactive 2 camera video work
Justyna Stanczew - Honours student - performance
Olga Kolosakas - 2nd year Photo-media student - roaming performance

The following SCA Screen Arts students will show their short films:

Christopher Bonador- Abandonment Dancer
Yuedi Cao - Desolation
Eva Zhang - Heat – Light Space
Helia Zadeh - Liminal Zone
Isabella Olgers- Once Upon A Winters Night
Kristina Susnjara - Part-Time Role
Gordon Jennison - Radioactive8
Helia Zadeh - Reincarnation
Shihao Lin- Self Portrait
Isabella Stone - Stranger In Serenity
Safari Lee - Thoughts For Sale
Danni Ma - You Are What You Eat

Featured SCA alumni:
Pamela Pirovic (BVA Honours)
David Collins (MFA)
Petrina Hicks (MFA)

Featured SCA staff:
David Haines and Joyce Hinterding
Cherine Fahd (ex SCA staff member)