Camouflage Cultures: Surveillance, Communities, Aesthetics, Animals

Camouflage Cultures: Surveillance, Communities, Aesthetics, Animals, co-curated by Ann Elias and Nicholas Tsoutas, will be on display across the SCA Galleries on Saturday 31 August.

The exhibition addresses two key principles of camouflage - concealment and deception - in relation to four themes: surveillance, communities, aesthetics, and animals. The theme of ‘surveillance’ includes war, defence, militaries, and conflict; ‘communities’ embraces society, the everyday, government, and identity; ‘aesthetics’ incorporates art, architecture, film, and popular culture; ‘animals’ includes human and non-human beings, nature, evolution, pattern, and optics.

Exhibition Artists:
Robyn Backen, Maria Fernanda Cardoso, Debra Dawes, Alex Gawronski, Sarah Goffman, Shaun Gladwell, Emma Hack, Ian Howard, Jan Howlin, Jonnie Morris and Justene Williams.

Floor Talks:
Two floor talks with Nicholas Tsoutas will be held on Saturday 31 August, at 11.30am and 2.30pm, commencing at the Research Gallery, Building 13.

Where: SCA Galleries, buildings 13 and 21, Sydney College of the Arts

utility?, A Limited Edition

utility?, the annual exhibition of works from the ceramics, glass and jewellery and object discipline areas of Sydney College of the Arts provides a forum for critical exchange that interfaces between practices and discourses on contemporary art and design.

The 2013 utility?, A Limited Edition, is an exhibition of ceramics, glass and jewellery by SCA students. Using journals and narration, the students were given a brief to explore a single event and create works that reflect the event in miniature by using tricks of the eye, manipulation and our relationship with the physical world.

The exhibition looks beyond what is immediately obvious or perceptible. It frames the impact we have on our surroundings in a dialogue between nature and culture. It reconsiders aspects of contemporary creative practice and challenges the perception that bigger is better. The miniature has the ability to draw us in for a closer look.

Where: Courtyard between buildings 13 and 21, Sydney College of the Arts

Anthony Mannix

Works by Australia's most celebrated outsider artist, Anthony Mannix, will be on display in the Callan Park Gallery on Saturday 31 August.

Mannix's career spans over 30 years. He has exhibited widely, including solo shows in Orange and Penrith, and his work is in collections here and in Europe and the USA, including the Collection de l'Art Brut, Switzerland.

Where: Callan Park Gallery, Building 13, Sydney College of the Arts