Art Unlimited

Dylon Davis Pink Ears

Art Unlimited, a collection of work by six outsider artists from Geelong, Victoria, will open at the Callan Park Gallery on Thursday 19 April, 12 to 2pm.

The six artists premiered in this exhibition are among the thriving Art Unlimited community in Geelong, Victoria. Work produced in the studio ranges across visual art media, from painting and sculpture, to installation and animation. The current show at Callan Park Gallery focuses on the medium of drawing, as embodied in the practices of Dylon Davies, Voula Hristeas, Jack Napthine, Adrian Segon, and Susan Stripling.
Drawing is a primary artistic medium – immediate, direct, and yet capable of great subtlety and enormous variety. Drawing, more than anything else, reveals the character and creative wellsprings of an artist. As a result, we are witness here to six strong artistic personalities, speaking their experiences and truths from the gallery walls. The result, whilst highly individual in its elements, is nevertheless harmonious in ensemble, in the way that good art has a way of living well together.

Art Unlimited will be on display from Monday April 2 until Friday April 27 2012.

Gallery hours:
By appointment

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