Work from the Peter Fay Collection

Val Sutherland

Work from the Peter Fay Collection, an exhibition featuring Outsider and Self-Taught art collected by Peter Fay, will open at the Callan Park Gallery on Thursday 6 August, 6 to 8pm.

Fay has been collecting Outsider art for more than twenty years. It was during a visit to Arts Project Australia in the early 1980's that he first developed an interest in Outsider and Self-Taught Art. Work from the Peter Fay Collection includes work by over thirty Australian and New Zealand Outsider artists including Slim Barrie, Lisa Reid, Selby Warren, Reece Tong, Sharon Braithwaite, Frank Nowlan and Val Sutherland.

Work from the Peter Fay Collection will be on display until Saturday 29 August 2009.

Gallery hours: Saturday, 11am to 4pm
By appointment on other days
Exhibition floor talks: Saturday 29 August, 11.15am and 2.45pm

Image: Val Sutherland, Untitled, c.1995.

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