Revealing the Human


Arts Project Australia presents an international exhibition of work by artists who reference the human figure, either as direct representation or in less literal ways. Selected from Arts Project Australia and other important studios around the world, Revealing the Human, curated by Professor Colin Rhodes, Dean of Sydney College of the Arts, powerfully and directly communicates the hopes, desires and experience of a range of artists, most of who will be seen for the first time in Australia.

Artwork Studios and Artists
Heidi Brinch Hansen, Kenneth Rasmussen, Leon Sørensen, Bifrost, Denmark; Dwight Mackintosh, Donald Mitchell, Aurie Ramirez, Creative Growth, USA; José Nunez, Creativity Explored, USA; Anny Servais, Samuel Cariaux, Créahm, Belgium; Hans Hartman, Pauulus de Groot, Herenplaats, Holland; Mattias Johansson, Inuti, Sweden; Kimmo Tolvanen, Elina Niemelä, Tuula Rantanen, Kettuki, Finland; Sinéad Fahey, Lorna Corrigan, Thomas Barron, KCAT, Ireland; Jouni Soinis, Tiina-Elina Nurminen, Turku, Finland; and Leo Cussen, Jodie Noble, Adrian Lazzaro, Arts Project Australia, Melbourne.

Revealing the Human, will be on display at Arts Project Australia until Saturday 17 October.

Image: Anny Servais, Yellow Eyes, Red Teeth, Black and Blue Lines, 2009, acrylic and oil pastel on photocopy on paper (Créahm; Liège, Belgium).