Studio Artists Consolidate

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Studio ARTISTS Consolidate showcases art work developed by the Studio ARTIST collective during a mentorship
program undertaken in late 2011 and 2012. With support from Arts NSW, the mentorship program linked each Studio
ARTIST with an established artist. Each artist worked with their mentor to develop a new body of work, and to deepen
their understanding of professional arts practice.
The first stage of this mentorship program culminated with an exhibition, Studio ARTISTS Collaborate, at Gaffa Gallery
in April 2012. Since April, the professional development program has continued. Informed by their experience working
and exhibiting together in early 2012, several of the Studio ARTISTS have continued to refine, and create new pieces
of work with their mentors. Studio ARTISTS Consolidate includes only Studio ARTISTS work and highlights pieces
produced during the final phase of the mentorship program.
The Studio ARTIST collective comprises of five emerging artists: Mathew Calandra, Daniel Kim, Nadia Lolas, Greg
Sindel and Robert “Thom” Smith. These individuals have emerged as artists through their involvement in a full time
art program at Studio ARTES. After years of practice within the Studio ARTES core art program, each has developed
their skills in, and passion for, the visual arts, along with a strong portfolio of work. The collective contains diverse
art practices including sound/installation art, graphic novel illustration and realist drawing. Studio ARTES is not
able to provide tutors skilled in these more specialised artistic practices. Like all other emerging artists, the Studio
ARTISTS require structured professional development from
experienced artists within their discipline to develop their skills
and career. As artists living with an intellectual disability, their
ability to independently access mainstream art programs is
limited due to a need for them to be supported more closely
and in an environment that encourages sustained focus.
Frustrated by the inability of emerging artists with an
intellectual disability to access relevant, quality arts tuition
and exhibition space, Emma Johnston and myself were
motivated to design the mentorship program. It was designed
to give the Studio ARTISTS access to the opportunities that
come with being able to engage in Sydney’s ‘mainstream’ art

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