The University of Sydney Medical School Prizes

Dean's Prize for Student Research Publications


Established in 2009, this prize aims to encourage students to publish their research and to assist and encourage them to participate in scientific meetings early in their research careers.

Open to: Applicants must be currently enrolled and undertaking research in a course in the Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney.

Applicants must submit a journal article as part of their application. This journal must:

  • cite the submitting applicant as first author or equal first author,
  • be published or accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal in the previous calendar year,
  • include the ‘Faculty of Medicine, University of Sydney’ or ‘Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney’ as the author affiliation for the submitting applicant.

A publication can only be submitted once for this Prize.

Value and Duration: This Prize has a value of $500 and will be paid as a one off payment.
  Additional funding of up to $500 may be available to the student for registration and/or travel expenses for presenting their research at a scientific meeting.
Further Infomation Flyer and Terms and Conditions
  This prize is now closed and will reopen in 2019.

Gordon Sanderson Award


The Gordon Sanderson Award is awarded to students who score the highest mark in the Practical Ophthalmic Science unit (OPSC5004).

Eligibility Criteria:

Students must be enrolled in one of the following courses at the University of Sydney to be considered for this Prize:

  • Master of Medicine (Opthalmic Science)
  • Master of Science in Medicine (Opthalmic Science)
  • Diploma in Opthalmic Science
Value: This Prize has no monetary value.

Applied Medical Sciences Honours Prize


The Applied Medical Sciences Honours Prize is awarded to the first and second place students in their cohort (three cohorts in total) of the coursework component of their Applied Medical Sciences honours year.

Open to: 1. To be considered eligible for this Prize, students must be enrolled in their honours year in Applied Medical Sciences.

2. Students must complete the following to be considered eligible for this prize:

  • An introductory oral presentation,
  • A mid-year oral presentation, and
  • A journal club presentation.
Value and Duration: The first places student in each cohort will recieve the prize valued at $250. The second placed student in each cohort will recieve the prize valued at $100.
Further Infomation Flyer and Terms and Conditions

The Sydney Medical School prize list is currently being updated.