Wentworth Medal

Established in 1854 by a gift of £200 from W.C. Wentworth, the Medal was initially presented as a reward for the best essay in English prose; the Medal is now supplemented by a cash prize of $10,000.

This competition is open to all students enrolled at the University of Sydney in the current year, except for previous winners of the Wentworth Medal. The award of the Medal is made annually by the Wentworth Medal Committee, provided that there is an entry of sufficient merit.

The topic or topics for the essay will be set, and the examiners of the essay will be appointed by a committee with the power to co-opt, consisting of:

  • the Chair of the Academic Board,
  • the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Registrar), and
  • the Deans of:
    • the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences,
    • the University of Sydney Business School, and
    • the University of Sydney Law School.

The committee reserves the right to share the prize if there are two or more entries adjudged to be of equal, highest and sufficient merit.

The Medal seeks to reward an outstanding essay addressing the nominated question. In assessing the quality of the essay the panel will consider:

  • its clarity and accessibility,
  • the quality of the argument upon which it is constructed, and
  • its originality - specifically its ability to shed new light on the given topic.

The essay should demonstrate a breadth of research, and be of high scholarly standard, with appropriate referencing.

Eligibility: All students enrolled at the University of Sydney in 2018, except for previous winners of the Wentworth Medal.

Value: Medal and $10,000

Topic for 2019: The internet, and social media in particular, is currently inadequately regulated and, as such, poses a threat to democracy. Discuss.

Length: Approximately 3000 words (not including referencing)

Open date: August 2019

Close date: September 2019

How to Apply: The link to the application will be provided in August 2019.

Please note that no early or late submissions will be accepted under any circumstances