Faculty Scholarships

Some faculties offer their own scholarships. If you wish to find out more about faculty scholarships please refer to the faculty information and contact details listed below.

Faculty of Agriculture & Environment

Contact: Robyn Turner
Tel: 8627 1003
Website: Agriculture & Environment

Faculty of Architecture, Design & Planning

Contact: Peter Murlis
Tel: 9351 3248
Website: Architecture, Design & Planning

Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

Contact: Emma Doyle
Tel: 9351 6676
Website: Arts & Social Sciences

Faculty of Dentistry

Contact: Denise Fischer
Tel: 9351 8300
Website: Dentistry

The University of Sydney Business School

Contact: Lisa Mauritz
Tel: 9351 6717
Website: The University of Sydney Business School

Faculty of Education & Social Work

Contact: Rosina Gallace
Tel: 9351 7043
Website: Education & Social Work

Faculty of Engineering & Information Technologies

Contact: Benjamin Keats
Tel: 9351 8155
Website: Engineering & Information Technologies

Faculty of Health Sciences

Contact: Hong Wu
Tel: 9351 9481
Email: fhs.scholarships@sydney.edu.au
Website: Health Sciences

Sydney Law School

Tel: 9351 0351
Email: law.scholarships@sydney.edu.au
Website: Sydney Law School Scholarships

Sydney Nursing School

Contact: Sarah Brown
Tel: 9351 0552
Email: nursing.scholarships@sydney.edu.au
Website: Sydney Nursing School

Faculty of Pharmacy

Contact: Narelle da Costa
Tel: 9036 9293
Website: Pharmacy

Faculty of Science

Tel: 9114 0547
Website: Science

Sydney College of the Arts

Contact: Marah Weston
Tel: 9351 1106
Website: Sydney College of the Arts

Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Contact: Cedric Poon
Tel: 9351 1239
Website: Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Sydney Medical School

Contact: Jane Root
Tel: 9114 1201
Website: Sydney Medical School

Faculty of Veterinary Science

Contact: Lee Mashman
Tel: 9351 2441
Website: Veterinary Science