University of Sydney Merit, Entry and Faculty Scholarships

Thomas Chen

"My scholarship made me feel motivated to strive for higher achievements and awards at university. By becoming a scholarship recipient, I feel that many doors have now been unlocked, such as future employment opportunities." Thomas Chen, B Commerce/Law student awarded the Merit Scholarship

For: Students with a minimum ATAR of 95 (see eligibility below) plus other achievements.
Value: $6000 per year.
Duration: Merit Scholarships are awarded for the normal full time duration of your undergraduate degree, plus an optional honours year. Entry Scholarships are for one year only.

Through the one application form you will be considered for Merit, Entry and some Faculty Scholarships. You must nominate one Faculty for your application and you will only be considered for scholarships available in this Faculty.

For more information about Faculty Scholarships, contact your faculty.

Applications for 2014 scholarships closed at 11.59pm on Wednesday, 2 October 2013.

Late applications cannot be accepted.

Application Results - Frequently Asked Questions

Conditions of Award


The University of Sydney Merit, Entry and Faculty Scholarships are awarded based on a combination of school examination results, a minimum Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) of 95 and other achievements (leadership, creativity, self-motivation, communication skills etc).

We want you to tell us about what makes you special, so along with your application form, you need to provide your most recent school report and a personal statement, which should showcase your achievements and plans for your future.

Some important eligibility requirements are:

  • You must be completing your secondary studies in 2013 and will receive an ATAR or equivalent.
  • You must be applying through UAC to study at the University of Sydney in 2014 – International and NZ students applying for admission through UAC are eligible to apply for these scholarships.
  • You can only submit ONE application.
  • If you wish to study at Sydney College of the Arts or the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, you must achieve an ATAR of at least 90 and be amongst the top 5% of applicants, assessed by your portfolio or performance.
  • The Faculty you nominate on your application will be the only Faculty to consider your application. A scholarship offer is made on behalf of that Faculty, allowing you to pursue any degree for which you are eligible within that Faculty. As such you must choose your Faculty carefully.
  • FOR COMBINED DEGREES you still only nominate one Faculty – for example, if you want to study B Arts/B Laws then your chosen Faculty is Arts and Social Sciences. The UAC guide will inform you on the appropriate Faculty choice. Please note: for the combined commerce law degree (BCom/LLB), please select Sydney Business School as your faculty/school of choice.

Supporting documents

This information is to help you write the best scholarship application you can.
Your Merit, Entry and Faculty Scholarship Application for 2014 needs to include:

Below we have some hints and tips to get you started on your application by preparing your supporting documents. Find out more about completing your application form here.

Personal statement

The personal statement is used by the Faculty to find out more about each scholarship applicant than is evident from the school reports/trial marks. The committees want to know that the students they choose will perform well academically and contribute to University life in a positive way.

We encourage you to write in an engaging style and to show why you are the best person for the scholarship. Your personal statement can set you apart from an elite field of high achievers.

Faculties like to see: Faculties don't like to see:
  • evidence that the proposed degree of study is of particular interest to you
  • handwritten personal statements
  • involvement in a range of activities throughout your senior years of high school – for example, artistic pursuits, sport, debating and community engagement
  • achievements too far in the past –  for example, from the first two years of high school or from primary school
  • an outstanding academic record – this should be demonstrated through your results and other achievements
  • poor spelling or grammar and small or illegible font
  • an interest in future careers related to your proposed degree of study
  • the use of bullet points or CV-style statements
  • statements that are one A4 page in length
  • statements that are significantly shorter than one full A4 page in length

School report

Your most recent school report needs to be included to show your current academic achievement.

Faculties understand that many schools may not have finished their HSC Trials by the application due date, and that not all students will have their final mid-year report. If this is the case, you can include your end of year school report from Year 11.

School reference

If you have a school reference, then you can include this in your application but this is not mandatory.

Some schools may not give students a reference, or will not give a reference until you have successfully completed your final exams. You will not be disadvantaged if you are unable to include a reference in your application.