Create an award or scholarship

Guidelines on how to establish a new postgraduate scholarship are available, and individuals wishing to set up a new scholarship should read these carefully before completing the proposal.

To Create or Modify a Scholarship

A form is required to create or modify primary scholarships (including those previously known as non-established scholarships), top up scholarships and completion scholarships. The form is now accessed via the staff intranet:

Scholarships and Prizes on the Staff Intranet

Go to the 'Related Links' box on the right side of the page, complete and submit the 'Create and Modify Award Form (including Top-Ups)'. For assistance completing the form, please contact the Scholarships Office.

Submitting the forms

Please email completed forms to .

Documents & Forms
Academic Delegations of Authority: Scholarships and Prizes

Establishment and Award of Scholarships and Prizes: Academic Board Policy


Available from the Policy Register at