Business School Research Scholarships


The Business School funds 2 types of scholarships under the Business School Research Scholarships program:

  • The Fee Award Scholarship which covers tuition fees for international candidates and is awarded in conjunction with the Stipend Scholarship, and
  • The Stipend Scholarship
Open to: Applications are open to domestic and international candidates who are either commencing or continuing postgraduate research students.
  Commencing candidates must have formally applied for a place in the degree program (MPhil or PhD) by the closing date. Applicants will not be awarded a scholarship unless an offer to study in the program is also made.
  If a candidate is a continuing student time spent in the program will be deducted from the three year duration of the award. Continuing full time candidates can also apply up until the third year of candidature
  Applicants must not hold any other type of Scholarship when applying for Business School Research Scholarships. 
  Commencing candidates must be in Australia and attend the Induction Program for the first Research Period of enrolment. 

$32,000 per annum and is paid fortnightly.

The Fee Award Scholarship covers tuition fees for international candidates. It is awarded in conjunction with the stipend scholarship.

Duration:  3 years with the possibility of a 6 months extension subject to the continued outstanding performance in research and to availability of funds. 
Open Date: 


Close Date:  26 May
Conditions:  Read more

R.J Chambers Ph.D. Scholarship in Accounting


The R.J. Chambers Scholarship was established in 1990 by the offer of an annual donation from the Accounting Foundation to promote doctoral research within the Department of Accounting at the University of Sydney.

Open to: Only students who are currently enrolled in a Ph.D. in the Department of Accounting are eligible for the scholarship. 
  Applications for the scholarship must provide evidence of completion (or expected completion) of all required doctoral coursework prior to commencement of the scholarship.
  No previous record of holding same scholarship.


Duration:  Tenable for 1 calendar year.  
Open Date:  TBC
Close Date:  TBC
Conditions:  Read more

The Accounting Foundation of The University of Sydney PhD Top-Up Scholarship


To attract high quality students; to replenish the stock of academics; to conduct research; and to provide a stipend comparable to an entry level wage in practice.

Open to: Domestic or International full-time candidates enrolling in the Business School PhD program are eligible to apply.
  Must be awarded a primary scholarship for PhD candidature.
  Conduct research in accounting with supervision from the Discipline of Accounting at The University of Sydney Business School.


Duration:  Tenable for the duration of the primary scholarship
Open Date:  No application required
Conditions:  Read more

Graduate School of Government Australian-ASEAN Development Scholarship


This scholarship was established to fund one student per year to attend the annual forum (the Australian-ASEAN Dialogue) on Australia's relations with ASEAN.

Open to: The scholarship may be awarded to students of the Graduate Diploma in Public Administration and the Master of Public Administration.
  Students enrolled in the Graduate Certificate in PublSic Administration can apply once they have applied to upgrade to the Graduate Diploma.
Value: The scholarship will cover attendance at the Dialogue which is expected to be held in Sydney and Singapore in alternate years.
Duration:  One-off payment
Open Date:  TBC
Close Date: TBC