Faculty specific awards

Following are some of the main scholarships that are specific to certain Faculties or areas of study. It is not a comprehensive list as some scholarships are administered through Faculties/Departments. Please contact them for information regarding additional scholarship opportunities.

Faculty of Agriculture and Environment Scholarships

A very small number of Faculty Scholarships are offered each year to applicants who have been accepted into candidature. These scholarships are only available to cover most living costs and cannot be used to pay tuition fees. For more information, please see http://sydney.edu.au/agriculture/current_students/postgraduates/scholarships_funding.shtml or contact the Postgraduate Studies Coordinator at .

Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning Scholarships

The Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning offers several types of research scholarships and top-up scholarships. Further information may be obtained from the Faculty website at http://sydney.edu.au/architecture/current_students/scholarships.shtml

Business School Scholarships

The Business School offers several scholarships including Business School First Round Research Scholarships for Outstanding Candidates, Business School Research Scholarships, and Business School International Research Scholarships. For further information and closing dates please visit http://www.sydney.edu.au/business/futurestudents/postgraduate_research_studies/research_scholarships or contact Ms Maryann van de Wetering, Research Student Program Manager, on (02) 9351 3086, email: .

Faculty of Health Sciences Scholarships

For information on scholarship opportunities offered by the Faculty of Health Sciences, please visit http://sydney.edu.au/health_sciences/future_students/scholarships/index.shtml or contact the Executive Support Officer- Scholarships and Prizes at .

Sydney Medical School Scholarships

For information on scholarships offered through the Sydney Medical School, please visit http://sydney.edu.au/medicine/scholawards/postgrad/research.php or contact the Sydney Medical School Scholarships Officer, Ms Jane Root at .

Faculty of Pharmacy Scholarships

The Faculty of Pharmacy offers postgraduate research scholarships at the APA rate for students commencing full-time research studies in the Faculty – Faculty of Pharmacy PhD Scholarship, WH and Elizabeth M Deane Pharmaceutical Fund PhD Scholarship, Elizabeth Wunsch Postgraduate Research Scholarship, The Ross Brown Pharmacy Scholarship and The Pharmacy Alumni Postgraduate Scholarship. Further information on each of these scholarships and the eligibility criteria is available from the Faculty website: http://sydney.edu.au/pharmacy/scholarships/.
Application for Faculty scholarships is automatic upon application for a APA/UPA through The University of Sydney Scholarships and Financial Support Service.

School of Physics Scholarships

Information on scholarships offered through the School of Physics is available at http://www.physics.usyd.edu.au/current/pg_scholarships.shtml or by contacting Physics Student Services at .

Sydney Conservatorium of Music

The Conservatorium offers a range of scholarship opportunities. Further information can be found at http://sydney.edu.au/music/future_students/costs_scholarships/scholarships.shtml or can be obtained from the Conservatorium Scholarship Officer at .

Faculty of Veterinary Science Scholarships

A small number of scholarships are available to full-time candidates for a PhD or Research Masters degree at the Faculty of Veterinary Science. The eligibility criteria, value and tenure are similar to that of the RTP Stipend/APA. Further information is available from the Faculty of Veterinary Science by email or on (02) 9351 2441.

Application for Faculty scholarships is automatic upon application for a RTP Stipend/UPA through The University of Sydney Scholarships Office.

For further information on scholarships, please visit http://sydney.edu.au/vetscience/current_students/postgraduate/fees/scholarships.shtml