Frequently asked questions (FAQs) for Future Postgraduate Research Students


Available Scholarships; External Funding Bodies; Holding Multiple Scholarships; Part time; Postgraduate Coursework; Supervisor Funding; Additional FAQs for International Students


As a domestic student (Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or NZ citizen), what scholarships can I apply for?
There are many postgraduate research scholarships advertised during the year.

The Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) scholarships and University of Sydney Postgraduate Award (UPA) are offered year round are open to students in any Faculty. Information about the RTP/UPA can be found

Medical and health related scholarships offered by external funding bodies are advertised here.

Other established and one-off university scholarships, and external scholarships can be found in the Current Research Scholarships database, and you can sign up to our Weekly Scholarships Email Bulletin to be advised of new scholarships as they open for applications. Access the database and bulletin here.

Scholarships may also be advertised on the Department/School/Faculty website.


I’ve just been awarded a postgraduate research scholarship from an external funding body. I didn’t submit my application through the Scholarships Office. How do I organise for the scholarship to be paid to me?
You need to forward a copy all the correspondence from the funding body, plus a copy of your application for the scholarship, to the Scholarships Office. We will review the documents and then advise you on the next steps.


I’ve applied for an RTP/UPA and a scholarship from the Heart Foundation. If both applications are successful, can I receive both of the scholarships?
No. You can only receive one primary scholarship.


I’m employed full-time and I want to enrol in a postgraduate research degree as a part-time student. Can I receive a research scholarship stipend to supplement my income?
No. The University applies the RTP rule to all postgraduate research stipends. This rule states that a part-time scholarship can only be approved if the student has an ongoing medical condition or disability which prevents full-time enrolment, or has heavy carer commitments which prevent full-time enrolment. Part-time scholarships cannot be approved for employment reasons.


I intend to enrol in a coursework Masters which has a research component. Can I apply for the University’s research scholarships such as the RTP/UPA?

No. The conditions of these scholarships state that you must be enrolled in a postgraduate research degree.

The majority of the scholarships advertised on the Research Scholarships website are only for students enrolled in a postgraduate research degree. Your Faculty may advertise coursework scholarships on their website. Some external organisations may also offer scholarships to coursework students.

If you are intending to undertake a coursework Masters at an overseas institution you may be eligible to apply for the Travelling Scholarships.


My supervisor wants to set up a scholarship for me. How do they organise this?
If your Supervisor has named you as the recipient of a scholarship on a successful research grant application, your Supervisor should contact the Scholarships Office to organise the set up of the scholarship.

If you were not named as the recipient of the scholarship on a grant application, your Supervisor must advertise the scholarship on the Scholarships Office. Your Supervisor should download the Proposal to create a Non-Established Scholarship document from the For Staff- Create an Award page.

I applied for a one-off (non-established) scholarship that was advertised on the Scholarships Office website. The academic who advertised the scholarship has told me that my application was successful but I haven’t received anything else. How do I go about starting the scholarship?
The person who advertised the scholarship needs to provide the Scholarships Office with the details of the successful applicant. Typically they need to provide the Scholarships and Financial Support Service with a selection report and a copy of the successful application. As long as the successful applicant has been granted admission into the degree, the Scholarships Office can process the paperwork to offer the scholarship to the successful applicant.


How can I apply for a scholarship as an international student?
Details on scholarships for international students can be found at

I’ve applied for an RTP Fee Offset and Stipend Scholarship/USydIS. Are my results available yet?
Please check with the Scholarships Office for information on results.