Forms for Research Scholarship Recipients

Please read the instructions on each form carefully.
Current students may also need to lodge a candidature variation with their Faculty.

Completing the forms

Most of the forms below are interactive PDF's. Please type your answers and then print the form for signature.

Signed forms can be submitted to the Scholarships and Financial Support Service by either email, hard copy, or fax.

Forms and documents

Quick Reference Guide for 2014 APA/UPA Holders

Managing your NHMRC Scholarship

Scholarships Commencement Form

Note: Includes payroll information.

Scholarships Payment Authority Form  

Research Scholarship Leave Application Form

Note: For sick or maternity leave only.

Research Scholarship Overseas Form 

Note: You should also lodge a Count-Time-Away request with your Faculty.

Research Scholarship Overseas Study Report

Note: Required if you spend longer than 3 months overseas.

Research Scholarship Suspension Form 

Note: You may also need to lodge a Suspension or Leave-of-Absence request with your Faculty.

Research Scholarship Recommencement Form

Note: You may also need to re-enrol with your Faculty.


Research Scholarship Extension Application Form
Thesis Allowance Claim Information   

APA Relocation Allowance Information

Note: For domestic students only.


NOTE: The above listed forms and documents are for postgraduate research scholarship students only. Undergraduate and coursework scholarship students should refer to the Undergraduate and Coursework Forms page.