Gap Year students

Some students choose to take a one year gap between high school and university to travel, work or explore other interests. Taking a gap year doesn't mean you are ineligible for a scholarship, but you will have to plan ahead to make sure you don't miss out.

Thinking about a Gap Year?

If you are thinking about taking a gap year make sure you don’t miss out on applying for a Sydney Scholars Award. You must apply for these scholarships while you are still at school. If you are offered a Sydney Scholars Award you may defer it for up to two years, but no applications will be accepted from students currently on a gap year.

Currently on a Gap Year?

If you have already taken a gap year or are currently on a gap year and previously missed out on the opportunity to apply for a Sydney Scholars Award, there are still some other scholarships available:

  • Check your faculty website to see if there are any faculty-specific scholarships for gap-year students.
  • Check University of Sydney Equity Scholarships. These scholarships are for students who have achieved excellent results at high school and who have faced significant challenges such as financial, medical, disability, rural isolation or refugee status. Applications for these scholarships are through UAC.