Mature Age Entry

Age will never be a factor in the learning process. The University of Sydney is proud to have students of all ages embarking on their studies.

The University of Sydney wants to encourage mature age students during your time here. Although we do not have specific scholarships for mature age students, wherever possible, we do not discriminate on the grounds of age.

If you are currently undertaking your final matriculation year, whether by returning to high school to study the HSC or at TAFE or some other equivalent matriculation course, we encourage you to apply for the University of Sydney Scholarships for New Undergraduate Students.

If you have already completed your HSC or equivalent, you may still be eligible to apply for the University of Sydney Equity Scholarships. These are available to high achieving students who are experiencing financial difficulty or other disadvantages. Priority is given to commencing students with financial disadvantage and we strongly encourage mature age students to apply for these scholarships.

Once you have commenced your study, there are many other scholarships you can apply for, such as specific background scholarships, University of Sydney Honours Scholarships and First Year Bursaries.

The eligibility criteria for scholarships are many and varied. It is well worth your while to check our Now Open page often to identify any currently open scholarships you may be eligible for. We also advertise many external scholarships throughout the year, such as Industry scholarships and government schemes. Additionally, many faculties offer their own scholarships which are often degree or course-specific.

Finally, literary prizes are open to all current students so if you fancy yourself as a wordsmith, enter the competitions!