Previous Students

Ezequiel Marzinelli Effects of Modification of Habitat on Kelp Epifauna. IPRS funded. Supervised by R.A. Coleman & A.J. Underwood. Completed July 2009.

  • Ezequiel (Ziggy) worked on the how artificial structures modified the colonisation of kelp fronds by bryozoan. He is now a Research Fellow at Sydney Institute of Marine Sciences and the University of New South Wales.

Giordana Cocco Differences in the distribution, density and composition of wrack and of living seagrass between urbanized and unurbanized shorelines of estuarine lakes. APAI Funded. Supervised by M.G. Chapman, R.A. Coleman and D.E. Roberts (BioAnalysis Pty). Completed 2010.

  • Giordana's project examined how urbanisation of lagoons and estuaries may modify the build-up (or otherwise) of fragments of seagrass detritus (wrack). She is now taking a break from science.

Miguel Matias Patterns of biodiversity related to structural complexity in algal habitats. FCT (Portuguese Government) Funded. Supervised by R.A. Coleman, A.J. Underwood and D.F. Hochuli. Completed 2010.

  • Miguel's thesis work examined how habitat structure, complexity and boundaries may be reliably (or not) distinguished. He has finished one PostDoctoral Fellowship and is applying for further funding in Europe.

Denise Bunting Biogenic habitats and invasive species. Northcote Graduate Scholarship (UK) funded. Supervised by R.A. Coleman, W. Figueira & E. Johnston (UNSW). Completed 2011.

  • Denise studied the invasion ecology of Cirolana harfordi and determined that it had a relatively recent expansion within Sydney and nearby. She is currently an analyst with the Queensland Ambulance Service.

Fabiana Moreira Responses of benthic invertebrates to contaminants. APA Funded. Supervised by R.A. Coleman, M.A. Browne & A.J.W. Ward. Completed 2011.

  • Fabiana worked on whether a new variety of 'green' biocides, used to reduce biofouling in pipes, was actually as green as has been suggested. She is now doing PostDoctoral research in Brazil on the ecology of microplastics.

Kiran Liversedge Ecology of chitons under boulders. APA Funded. Supervised by R.A. Coleman, W. Figueira & A. Palmer. Completed 2012

  • Kiran's PhD research involved identifying that there are differences in boulder habitats between the sides and bottoms of boulders and animals respond to these in different ways. He is still working on boulders in Sydney and is also developing new research into boulder ecology