Development of new methodologies for measurement of restoration

Most projects on restoration of habitat have unclear or no defined aims. Where there are clear aims, it is unusual, if not rare, to find any assessment of whether the aims are being achieved. The Centre's research in the area of ecology includes development and testing of protocols to allow assessment of the progress and achievements of programmes of restoration. This is complex because, like assessments of impacts, any actual restoration must be detectable against large natural variation in numbers and types of animals and plants from place to place and time to time. Also, the goals of restoration cannot depend on vague hopes of "restoring a balance" when it is known there is no "balance" to restore. So, sampling and experimental design, logical structures for statistical analysis and interpretation of results must all be developed, tested and improved. The Centre's research in this area is novel and innovative and at the forefront of international efforts in the ecology of restoration of coastal habitats.

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