Welcome to Biological Sciences

Life is fascinating, and the study of biology is one of the most rewarding experiences available to you at the University of Sydney. We live in one of the most exciting times biology has ever delivered, with the new technologies used in molecular biology, genetic engineering, genomics and proteomics allowing us to discover and unravel the fundamental mechanisms and processes that control life.

Biological knowledge has become crucial in our everyday lives and for the long-term survival of the natural environments in which we coexist. An education in biology is essential for scientists, teachers, communicators, economists, decision makers, and anyone with a desire to improve and sustain the biological health of the planet.

The Biological Sciences offers a carefully developed curriculum that encompasses a comprehensive range of biological disciplines and enables you to specialise in areas that hold your greatest interest. Our award winning first year units of study provide a sound base of knowledge for understanding life, as well as the ethical and environmental issues facing the planet. With this comprehensive grounding in biology, you will be prepared to tailor your second and third year biology studies to match your interests and career goals.

I strongly encourage you to consider crowning your degree with a fourth year Honours program. This dynamic year will transform you from someone who understands biology to someone who does biology, with invaluable skills in communication, project management and critical analysis. Honours graduates are keenly sought after by a variety of employers.

Head of School (2015)
Associate Professor Clare McArthur