Memories, Music and Microscopy

22 August, 2008

On August 22nd 2008, Biology alumni from around the world came back to the University of Sydney to reunite for an evening of Memories, Music and Microscopy. The cocktail party was held by the Biological Sciences in the much-loved and historic Macleay Museum as an opportunity for our alumni to re-connect with the School and with each other.

More than 120 alumni took the opportunity to meet Biology's new Head of School, Professor Robyn Overall, and the Dean of Science Professor David Day. Biology staff, both past and present, also attended the event to reunite with former students.

Prof Robyn Overall, Prof David Day and guest speaker Dr Kate Grenot, who completed her BSc with Honours and PhD in Botany with the Biological Sciences, gave formal addresses. Dr Kate Grenot spoke about her experiences with the School, the importance of an alumni network and finished with a ‘call to arms’ to all alumni in the audience to maintain strong bonds with each other. During her speech Kate even returned a key to one of Prof Overall’s laboratories that was borrowed in the 80s!

A duo of music students from the Conservatorium of Music provided jazz music for the night, while guests mingled and enjoyed a photographic display of archival photographs dating as far back as the 1960s.

Click here to see photos from the August 22nd event

David Nelson Hons(2008),Tony Popic Hons(2008), Dr Glenda Wardle, Anja Diviljan Hons(2003)PhD(2008), Joanne Ironside Hons(2003), Yvonne Davila Hons(1999) PhD(2007), Cecilia Phu Hons(2008)