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Anstey, M.L., Rogers, S.M., Ott, S.R., Burrows, M. & Simpson, S.J. (2009) Serotonin mediates behavioral gregarization underlying swarm formation in desert locusts. Science, 323, 627 – 630.


Warbrick-Smith, J., Behmer, S.T., Lee, K-P.,Raubenheimer, D. & Simpson, S.J. (2006) Evolving resistance to obesity in an insect. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 103, 14045-14049.


Buhl, J., Sumpter, D.J.T., Couzin, I.C., Hale, J., Despland, E., Miller, E. & Simpson, S.J. (2006) From disorder to order in marching locusts. Science, 312, 1402-1406.

A groundbreaking paper in which statistical physics models are used in conjunction with laboratory experiments to show how collective marching emerges at critical population densities in locusts, as a result of simple, local interaction rules between insects. Featured in an accompanying Perspective (Science, 2006, 312, 1320-1322).

Simpson, S.J., Sword, G.A., Lorch, P.D. & Couzin, I.D. (2006) Cannibal crickets on a forced march for protein and salt. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 103, 4152-4156.

The most effective piece of field nutritional ecology ever done, providing a new explanation for mass migration in animals. Demonstrates that huge marching bands of crickets in NW USA are on a forced march driven by specific appetites for protein and salt and the associated risk of cannibalism from other crickets. Was featured in a News & Views in Nature (2006, 440, 38) and Research Highlights in Nature (2006, 441, 8).

The desert locust is an amazing animal. It is notorious as a swarming pest with a voracious appetite, but in fact spends most of its life as a shy solitary individual that carefully balances its food intake to match its body's needs.

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