Integrative Ecology Lab


Much of the work undertaken in my lab is of a collaborative nature and I have personally enjoyed and benefited from collaborations with a range of colleagues. The nature of our work is that there is always a great deal to be learned from the perspectives of other scientists and most postgraduates in my lab have associate supervisors, often with botanical, taxonomic or systematic expertise that I don't have. Previous and current collaborators include Drs Gerry Cassis, Mike Gray and Dan Bickel all from the Australian Museum, Prof Peter Banks (UNSW), Dr David Keith (NSW NPWS) and Dr Grant Blackwell (University of Otago), Dr Jonno Webb (Biological Sciences, University of Sydney). I have also co-supervised students with Professors Chris Dickman, Mike Thompson, Ian Hume and Rick Shine within the Biological Sciences.

Dr Jonno Webb, SoBS with the latest in high-tech field recording equipment Dr Gerry Cassis, Australian Museum
Dieter and Jonno at their site near Yalwal A/Prof Mike Thompson