Integrative Ecology Lab

Photo Gallery

Places we work

Angophora costata at Middle Head Restoration efforts at Hoxton Park, western Sydney (photo by Boris Lomov) View from our site at Bradley's Head Dieback of Eucalyptus botroides and Angophora costata at Bradley's Head Dieback of Angophora costata at Middle Head Muogamarra Sunset (photo by Beatrice Brennan) Rock outcrops at Muogamarra showing pavers used for restoration (and Beatrice) View of Sydney Harbour from our site at Dobroyd Head Dieback (death?) at Middle Head Revegetation at Bradleys Head

Things we work on

We encounter a range of organisms in our work. The photos below are of species that have received attention in our autecological work and of species that we frequently encounter in forays into community ecology.

Larvae of the black slug cup moth Doratifera casta redefining what a leaf's carrying capacity is An older group of larval Doratifera casta Flat rock spider (Hemicloea major) and a 50c piece Hemicloea and a 50c piece
from above

Things we do

Article from the Sydney Morning Herald from October 24 2002. Fiona climbing angophoras to survey arboreal invertebrates and levels of herbivory The landcruiser hiding among the heath at our site at Canoelands, north-west of Sydney Heloise with an exclusion cage for Iridomyrmex purpureus Heloise counting ants (photo by Sohan Shetty) Spider eating a tethered cricket (used in food supplementation by Beatrice Brennan) Dieter's expert article in Ralph
magazine (Dec 2000)

Things we wish we hadn't done...

...which seem to stem from lab social occasions... because life's too short?

Warrick, Heloise and Suzanne rationing drinks at the Christmas party - our way of coping during the lean times Lab Christmas party 2000 - featuring the poorly conceived 'Western Theme' Belly Dancing Terrestrial Ecology student excursion to Dungog. The person on the right is Ralph (Technical support) Kylie on the piano accompanies Dieter's yodelling More yodelling by Sue Giles!