Bookings and Card / Key Request Forms

Requests for Keys and Swipe Access

To make a request for keys and/or swipe access, fill out the relevant Card / Key Request Forms and submit them to the Resources Officer. If you require swipe access outside of normal business hours (8:00am-6:00pm weekdays), refer to the Working Safely After Hours section below.

Working Safely After Hours

When working after hours, the risk of incidents occurring may increase due to fatigue, reduced access to immediate assistance, reduced levels of staffing and technical supervision.

All students who wish to work after hours are required to read the University guidelines on working safely after hours at and complete an After Hours Application.

After hours swipe access will not be granted until an After Hours Application has been completed and submitted to the School Safety Officer

Making a vehicle booking

The School's vehicle booking system is handled by Webfleet. Before booking, please make sure you've reviewed the School's safety information page for vehicles. Contact the Resources Officer to request access to the booking system.

To make a SOBS room/lab/Warrah/computer/projector booking:

  1. Using your staff unikey, log in using the format "MCS\unikey"
  2. View the Calendar for a list of available timeslots
  3. Click on the "Add new event" link under "Requests for Bookings"
  4. Wait for confirmation via email OR check the site regularly for updates

Conditions of Use:

  • The lab must be left in the state that it was found
  • No food or drink may be consumed in the lab during the course of the booking

Requests for IT Assistance

ICT offer a broad range of services to Staff, Students, Faculties and Departments of the University of Sydney. These include Audio Visual Services, Teaching and Learning, server hosting, email, wireless provisions for access on campus and dial-up provisions for access off campus. To find out more please visit the ICT website.

For IT support call x16000, or visit Ask Sydney ICT for answers to common issues.