Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism

The School’s procedure for dealing with cases of Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism is detailed below. The procedures have been developed to meet the University standards for procedural fairness laid out in the following Academic Board policies:

including the right of the student to: be informed of the allegations against them in sufficient detail to enable them to understand the precise nature of the allegations and properly consider and respond; have a reasonable period of time within which to respond to the allegations against them; have the matter resolved in a timely manner; be informed of their rights; invite a support person or student representative to any meeting regarding the allegations; impartiality in any investigation process; and, as absence of bias in any decision-maker.

Nominated Academics

The Nominated Academics for the School of Biological Science (SoBS) are as follows:

  1. First Year cases: Director of First Year (Dr Charlotte Taylor)
  2. Second and Third Year cases: Second and Third Year Coordinator (Dr Murray Thomson)
  3. Postgraduate Coursework: Postgraduate Coursework Representative (Assoc. Prof. Dieter Hochuli)
  4. Chair of Teaching Committee (Assoc. Prof. MaryByrne)