Safety Information - Lab Safety


Welcome to the School’s starting point for staff and students embarking on general laboratory work in the Biological Sciences.

In this section you will find information and links on the following matters:

  • What to do prior to commencing general laboratory work
  • General laboratory procedures and safety guidelines
  • Area specific hazards
  • Volunteer registration policy and register
  • Using school vehicles
  • General information on how to complete tasks in the school; eg how do I order items? How do I get assistance with my computer?
  • A toolkit with downloadable documents on risk assessments, Office of Gene Technology regulator policies and examples of successful applications, and general laboratory procedures

Getting Started

Prior to commencing any work in a laboratory you will need to ensure that you have received a local safety induction, and you have received a copy of the WHS Induction Checklist.

Your supervisor should also have alerted you to any specific area risks. Area specific risks will also be listed on the hazardous area signs located on the door to all laboratory areas.

You will also need to complete appropriate risk assessments for tasks that you are going to undertake in your lab. Examples of risk assessments can be downloaded here.

Please make sure that you review the laboratory procedures and safety guidelines that can be found at safety information.

If you are planning to conduct experiments using genetically modified organisms (GMOs) please review the Gene Technology Legislation and our Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) information at the Biosafety website.

If you are planning to conduct experiments using radioisotopes please review the radiation safety requirements here and consult the School’s Radiation Safety Officer – Michael Joseph.


Before any volunteers start work in your area you will need to ensure that they are registered with the School. All volunteers require local safety inductions, adequate supervision and risk assessments are required for the work they undertake. Information regarding insurance for volunteers can be found here.

Volunteers can apply for registration in the School here.