Safety Information - Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments (RA) and Safe Work Procedures (SWP) must be established for all hazardous tasks.
The University of Sydney website outlines the five WHS risk management steps that all members of the University should follow. Writing a RA is part of this process requires identification of hazards and their associated risks and solutions that will reduce the risk.

The Risk Assessment Template below should be used for all new RA. If you find a RA in the list below which deals with your risk you may re-use it if:

1. You have checked it thoroughly to ensure that the content is relevant and up to date
2. The layout is the same as in the Risk Assessment Template.

If not, you must transfer the information into the template to create an up to date document. When you update an old RA or create a new one, email the new document to Matthew Day or Michael Joseph so that they can upload it to this intranet page.

 Documents Date
Risk Assessment Template 01/06/2014
Mangrove RA 24/07/2015
MRR RA 24/07/2015
FishSurvey RA 24/07/2015
Complexity RA 24/07/2015
Acridine Orange preparation 25/07/2013
Agarose gel electrophoresis 8/08/2013
Agarose gels: preparation 25/07/2013
Autoclave 25/07/2013
Bee Transport 7/05/2003
Blood Risk Estimates Unknown
Butanol 8/08/2011
Concentrated Acids 9/12/2005
Coomassie 31/10/2001
Cutting Ant Bridges 14/09/2010
Cytogenetic Stains 28/11/2002
DAPI/PI 25/07/2013
DiOC New 22/02/2013
De-Staining Page Gels 16/12/2002
Dental Drill 7/05/2003
Diving Unknown
Diving - Lifting Gear 7/07/2003
Diving - Wetsuit 7/07/2003
Dyeing melted wax 17/02/2011
Ether 12/12/2002
Ethidium Bromide 25/06/2003
Hand Sectioning 13/08/2013
Formalin 2/09/2002
Formalin use in the field 22/05/2014
Formamide 13/12/2002
Gas Cylinder Handling, Storage and Use 03/06/2014
Glasshouse Use 10/09/2013
Growth Cabinets 1/05/2003
Haematocrit 12/12/2002
Handling Cane Toads 11/09/2002
Indole 16/12/2002
Lactophenol 10/12/2002
Laemmli Buffer 16/12/2002
Lifting Plants 11/12/2002
Liquid Nitrogen 24/09/2015
Malathion 17/04/2002
Material Safety Sheet Unknown
Methylene Blue New 22/02/2013
Microwave Ovens 28/08/2002
Mini Plasmid Prep Kit 16/12/2002
Modifying Buffered Phenol 13/06/2002
Neutral Red 5/05/2003
Noise Growth Room New 12/04/2013
Noise Workshop New 12/04/2013
Oral swab New 22/02/2013
Oryzalin 11/08/2011
Oxygen Electrode 12/08/2008
PAGE Gels 13/11/2002
Paraformaldehyde Fixative 25/07/2013
Peroxidase Stain 28/11/2002
Pesticides - Glasshouse 11/12/2002
Pesticides - Indoors 11/12/2002
Phenylmethylsulfonyl Flouride (PMSF) 12/03/2002
Phosphorus Determination 12/08/2003
Phosphorus Determination in Plant Materials 18/02/2009
Pickled Materials in Ethanol 24/03/2009
Plant Collecting 9/08/2013
PMS Pressure Chamber 28/03/2007
PMS and MTT Staining 12/12/2002
Pre-purchase Risk Assessment New 21/08/2013
Q-fever Risk Assessment New 11/07/2013
Root tip Chemical Treatments 12/12/2002
Growth supplement (p-Fluoro-L-phenylalanine) 24/11/2008
Schiff's Staining 12/12/2002
Sharp Disposal 21/08/2013
Site Induction Contractors Unknown
Snakes In The Field Unknown
Sodium Hydroxide - boiling 12/12/2002
Toluidine Blue 10/09/2012
Trypan Blue 12/12/2002
Water Baths 15/08/2013
Water Potential 21/06/2002
WD 40 2/09/2002