Safety Information - School Vehicles

Biological Sciences (SoBS) staff, postgraduate students and honours students are eligible to use SoBS vehicles for University related work, research and study. Other drivers such as visitors, honorary appointments and volunteers need to be authorised by the School before they can drive. Drivers holding a Learner’s permit or a red Provisional license are not authorised to operate a University owned vehicle. If the vehicle is a four-wheel drive vehicle the person may be required to complete a four-wheel-drive driver training course.

All users of SoBS pool vehicles are bound by the conditions outlined in the SoBS School Vehicle Procedures document. Another helpful website is University Vehicles. It outlines restrictions on vehicle use and contains information on Roadside Assistance, Accident Insurance, Vehicle Service & Maintenance, Fuel Card Use, Toll Tags, Rental Vehicles and RTA information.

Personal property belonging to vehicle users which is damaged or stolen whilst being conveyed in a vehicle is not covered by insurance.

Contact the Resources Officer to request access to the booking system.