Biology Revision Workshops

Concepts in Biology: Revision Materials

The revision materials have been designed for students who are struggling to understand all/or some of the concepts in the course "BIOL 1001 Concepts in Biology".

Students who fail the first quizz held mid-semester, are strongly encouraged to use the web-based revision materials. These materials are aimed at enhancing understanding of major topic areas covered in Concepts in Biology.

There are four sets of revision materials in the major topic areas of:

  • ecology
  • microbiology
  • cell biology
  • genetics

The revision materials are selected from the lectures and laboratories but do not cover every concept in the course. You are also encouraged to use the CAL modules and to read the relevant sections of the text book. You can further test your understanding by working through the SAMs. The CAL and SAMs are available through Learning Resources in WebCT.