Genetics Workshop



Please note that not all of the core concepts listed below have been covered in this workshop.

 DNA and Chromososmes

  • DNA structure
  • DNA significance: storage, transmission expression
  • Semi-conservative DNA replication
  • DNA in eukaryotic chromosomes

  Transcription of the Genetic Code

  • The Central Dogma
  • RNA structure
  • Transcription
  • Genes: definition, structure, and regulation.
  • Prokaryotic Vs. eukaryotic genes

Translation of the Gene Message

  • The genetic code
  • mRNA, tRNA, rRNA: structures and functions
  • Ribosomes
  • Translation: initiation, elongation, termination.

 Recombinant DNA and Gene Cloning

  • Recombinant DNA technology
  • Cleavage of DNA and restriction endonucleases
  • Repair of DNA and DNA ligase
  • Cloning DNA and cloning vectors
  • Implications of genetic engineering

 Genes and their Transmission

  • Genotype and phenotype
  • One gene specifies one polypeptide
  • Loci and alleles
  • Dominance, incomplete dominance and co-dominance
  • The Principle of Segregation
  • Crosses

 Inheritance of Combination of Genes

  • Dihybrid Crosses
  • The Principle of Independent Assortment
  • Epistasis
  • Quantitative characters
  • Linkage and genetic distance

 Sex and the Single Chromosome

  • Sex chromosomes Vs. autosomes
  • Expected sex ratios
  • Male mammal specified by Y chromosome
  • X chromosome inactivation
  • Sex linked inheritance

 The Gene Pool and Alleles in Populations

  • Selfish DNA
  • Allele frequencies from phenotype data
  • The Hardy Weinberg Principle
  • Forces which change expected allele frequencies
  • Polymorphisms
  • Mutations