This site has been designed for the use of second year biology students as an adjunct and revision tool for the foyer display material, provided in the Macleay building, A12, for BIOL2011; BIOL2911 Invertebrate Zoology and, in second semester: BIOL2012; BIOL2912 Vertebrates and Their Origins.

The site is not intended for commercial applications but for the use of students of the University of Sydney, Biological Sciences. The material comprising the site comes from a wide variety of sources, which are referenced where the source is known. Many of the photographs have been taken specifically for this project by Malcolm Ricketts.

The academic supervisor for this project is Dr Elizabeth May of the Biological Sciences.

There are a large number of image files within this site ( .gif and .jpg ), which vary in file size from ~40kB up to ~500kB. This will mean that access from outside the university may be quite slow, but these large file sizes are needed to provide the required depth of information.