Undergraduate - First Year Biology Resources

Self Assessment Modules

The Self-Assessment Modules or SAMs are designed to help you assess your understanding of the biological content within the first year biology unit of studies. Each SAM targets a major part of the unit of study and consists of several topics.You will be presented with a series of questions of increasing difficulty which test different aspects of learning. Answers and feedback are provided upon completion of each question. At the end of each module you will be encouraged to reflect on your performance and ask yourself if there are areas of your revision that need addressing. It is recommended that you revise any areas of difficulty by reading the text book, consulting with the lecturers, and utilising the First Year Biology resources. NOTE: before you quit from a SAM make a note on paper of your scores for each level. Do this by clicking on the "Check my progress" button before quitting.

These modules require the Authorware Web Player Plugin. If you are having problems viewing these modules refer to Plugin Help.


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