Evolution Journal Club

Researchers interested in evolutionary biology are welcome to attend the Evolution Journal Club, normally held on the first Tuesday of each month during term.

We meet at 4 pm in the Forest Lodge Hotel on Arundel St, Forest Lodge. We discuss recent papers on molecular evolution, molecular ecology, phylogenetics, systematics, and macroevolution.

The journal club provides opportunities for meeting researchers interested in evolution, to discuss current topics, and to share and exchange expert knowledge. We particularly encourage research students to participate in the journal club.

Please check the Evolution Journal Club page for details of past and upcoming events.

Systematics in the City

This site was also the home of the Systematics in the City journal club, which met a few times in late 2010 at the Lord Roberts Hotel near the Australian Museum. We discussed papers relating to systematics, cladistics, and phylogenetics. Participants included researchers and students from the University of Sydney, University of NSW, and the Australian Museum. A list of meetings can be found here.

Sydney Phylogenetic Analysis Meeting

The Sydney Phylogenetic Analysis Meeting (SPAM) will be a one-day symposium with a focus on phylogenetic analysis. It will bring together a number of research groups in the Sydney region. The event will be by invitation only. The event is planned for November 2015, with details to be announced mid-year.


Our research group hosts free workshops on statistical methods in evolutionary biology. These include our annual July workshop on phylogenetics. We have also run workshops at other venues, including the National Herbarium of NSW (Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney), the Australian National University, and the University of New South Wales. Some of our workshops have been offered in conjunction with the Genetics Society of Australasia Conference.