Academic staff

Nathan Lo Simon Ho
 A/Prof Nathan Lo   A/Prof Simon Ho

Postgraduate research students

Luana Lins Tim Lee Sebastián Duchêne Daej Arab Frank Jia Charles Foster
       Luana Lins           Tim Lee Sebastián Duchêne         Daej Arab         Frank Jia     Charles Foster
Jun Tong Andrew Ritchie
         Jun Tong     Andrew Ritchie

Visitors and volunteers

  • Prof. Gerry Cassis, visiting professor (University of New South Wales)
  • David Duchene, PhD student (Australian National University)
  • Felipe Cini, undergraduate intern
  • Tayler Wishart, Talented Student Program undergraduate researcher

Members of the MEEP lab in 2014

The MEEP lab in 2014. L-R: Sebastian, Tim, Jun, Daej, Nate, Martyna, Luana, Charles, Anna, Frank, Andrew, Simon, and Grace. Absent: Yoshi. Photo by Malcolm Ricketts.

Members of the MEEP lab in 2013

The MEEP lab in 2013. L-R: Jun, Sebastian, Nathan, Ashley, Simon, Tim, Luana, Charles, Katie, Martyna, Vicky, and Grace. Absent: Yoshi and Daej. Photo by Malcolm Ricketts.

Members of the MEEP lab in 2012

The MEEP lab in 2012. L-R: Nathan, Sebastian, Luana, Tim, Yoshi, Martyna, Vicky, Kiyoto, and Simon. Absent: Katie and Ainsley.

Members of the MEEP lab in 2011

The MEEP lab in 2011. Simon, Tim, Martyna, Luana, and Nathan.

Past members

Postdoctoral researchers

  • Dr Grace Wei (2013-2014), postdoctoral researcher
  • Dr Yoshinobu Hayashi (2012-2014), postdoctoral research fellow
  • Dr Vicky McCarl (2012-2013), postdoctoral researcher

Postgraduate research students

  • Dr Martyna Molak (completed 2014), supervised by Simon Ho
    Thesis: Evolutionary analysis of ancient DNA sequences
  • Dr Katie Robinson (completed 2013), supervised by Nathan Lo & Steve Simpson
    Thesis: DNA methylation and phenotypic plasticity in the migratory locust
  • Dr Julien Soubrier (Univ of Adelaide) (completed 2012), supervised by Alan Cooper, Wolfgang Haak, Michael Lee, & Simon Ho
    Thesis: What (molecular) time is it? Using ancient DNA to accurately date evolutionary events

Honours students

  • Ashley Montagu (2013), supervised by Nathan Lo, & Ben Oldroyd
    Thesis: Testing for conflicts in reproduction and genetic polyethism in the polygynous termite Nasutitermes exitiosus
  • Jun Tong (2013), supervised by Nathan Lo, Simon Ho, & Dieter Hochuli
    Thesis: The evolution of Australian burrowing cockroaches
  • Charles Foster (2012-2013), supervised by Simon Ho, Murray Henwood, & Barry Conn (Royal Botanic Garden)
    Thesis: Gone with the wind? A systematic revision and biogeographic treatment of Logania R.Br. (Loganiaceae)
  • Tim Lee (2011), supervised by Nathan Lo, Simon Ho, & Buz Wilson (Australian Museum)
    Thesis: Systematics and biogeography in the genus Spherillo, with a focus on Spherillo grossus
  • Lauren van der Kraan (2011), supervised by Kathy Belov (Vet), Nathan Lo, & Beata Ujvari (Vet)
    Thesis: Characterisation of natural killer cell receptor genes in the Tasmanian devil genome
  • Shannan Langford Salisbury (2010-2011), supervised by Jaime Gongora (Vet) & Simon Ho
    Thesis: Genetic study of chickens from Norfolk Island

Visitors and volunteers

  • Dr Anna Namyatova (2013-2014), visiting postdoctoral researcher from University of New South Wales
  • Xiaofeng 'Hans' Liu (Oct 2013 - Feb 2014), visiting PhD student from Capital Normal University (Beijing)
  • Lindsay Kemp (2013) undergraduate volunteer
  • Shuravi Paul (Nov 2012 - Feb 2013), undergraduate volunteer
  • Yihan Qu (Oct-Dec 2012), postgraduate volunteer
  • Dr Ainsley Seago (Mar-Dec 2012), visiting academic from CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences
  • A/Prof Kiyoto Maekawa (Apr-Aug 2012), visiting academic from University of Toyama
  • Christian Bruhn (May-Jul 2011), visiting PhD student from University of Copenhagen
  • Craig Coorey (2012), undergraduate volunteer
  • Katy Schlotfeldt (2012), undergraduate volunteer