Fangzhi (Frank) Jia


I am a PhD student in the Molecular Ecology, Evolution, and Phylogenetics research group under the supervision of A/Prof. Simon Ho and A/Prof. Nathan Lo. My research focuses on rates of molecular evolution in hominids.

Prior to commencing my PhD in August 2013, I received my undergraduate Honours degree from the University of Sydney.

My areas of interest include molecular evolution, molecular clocks, phylogenetics, ancient DNA, linguistics, and biochemistry.

Academic Record

Present Ph.D., University of Sydney
Supervisor: A/Prof. Simon Ho
2013 B.Sc. (Adv.) (Hons), University of Sydney
Thesis: Intraspecific Variations and Phylogenetics of Nicotiana benthamiana
Supervisor: Prof. Peter Waterhouse


Jia F, Lo N, & Ho SYW (2014) The impact of modelling rate heterogeneity among sites on phylogenetic estimates of intraspecific evolutionary rates and timescales. PLOS ONE, 9: e95722.


Testing methods for inferring population history from individual genome-scale sequences
Genetics Society of Australasia Conference. Sydney, Australia. Jul 2014.

Time-dependency of the hominoid mutation rate
Australian Centre for Ancient DNA, University of Adelaide. Adelaide, Australia. Sep 2013.