Sebastián Duchêne

Sebastian Duchene

I started my PhD at the MEEP lab in early 2012 under the supervision of A/Prof. Simon Ho and Prof. Eddie Holmes (arriving late 2012). I am investigating the factors that govern evolutionary rate variation in RNA and DNA viruses, focussing on time-dependent rates and the timescale of viral evolution.

Before coming to Sydney, I completed my M.Sc. and B.Sc. at Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia) and collaborated with the Southwest Fisheries Science Center (La Jolla, California, USA) on phylogenetic analyses of mitochondrial genomes of cetacans and sea turtles.

My main interests include phylogenetics, molecular clocks (and molecular evolution in general), computational statistics, and data analysis with R. I have written a few basic scripts for phylogenetic utilities in R, available here.

Academic Record

Present Ph.D., University of Sydney
Supervisors: Simon Ho & Edward Holmes
2011 M.Sc., Universidad de los Andes (Colombia)
Thesis: Mitogenome phylogenetics: The impact of using single regions and partitioning schemes on topology, substitution rate, and divergence time estimation
Supervisors: Susana Caballero & Phillip Morin
2007 B.Sc., Universidad de los Andes (Colombia)
Thesis: The oscillating connectivity hypothesis: Phylogeographic patterns and an ancient Amazon lagoon
Supervisor: Susana Caballero

Prizes and Awards

  • Student Talk Prize, Genetics Society of Australasia Conference, 2013
  • Francisco José de Caldas Scholarship, 2012-2015
  • University of Sydney World Scholars Award, 2012-2015


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The rate of molecular evolution