The Molecular Ecology Lab

The interface of ecology, evolution and behaviour


Headed by Greg Sword, research in the Molecular Ecology Lab ranges from molecular genetics and behaviour to landscape scale ecology and phylogenetics. We utilise a variety of ecological, behavioral, and molecular techniques to examine processes operating across multiple spatial and temporal scales.

Our work addresses a variety of major topics in ecology and evolution including migration, collective movement, phenotypic plasticity, the evolution of warning coloration (aposematism) and plant-herbivore interactions.

Please see the Research and Publications pages for more detailed information about the lab's activities.

Here's a Mormon cricket migratory band in action.
It doesn't get much cooler than this:

Unless, perhaps, you are in Australia and get the chance to see a migratory band of Australian Plague locusts like this:

***Thanks to Peter Spurgin of the APLC for the Locusta migratoria swarm photo and Jerome Buhl for Australian Plague locust video.