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APRIL 2011
Professional Staff
Rosanna Scaravilli

Rosie has taken up the position of Executive Assistant to the Head of School. She will be replacing Susan Thomas in this role and will also be looking after the Human Resources Administration for the School.

Many people would have already met Rosie during her previous role working for the Human Resources Services Centre at the University. Biology's HR needs at the Service Centre will now be looked after by Daniel Huo, who has taken over Rosie's former position.

When not at work, Rosie enjoys travelling, learning about different cultures, yoga and especially cooking.

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Postgraduate students
Rodrigo Siqueira-Reis
Rodrigo commenced a PhD with Prof Peter Waterhouse in March this year. His research will focus on plant virology, in particular on elucidating the mechanisms by which the viral protein, P0, is able to block plants' natural RNA silencing process. Rodrigo has come from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he was studying the proteomics of bacteria for the purposes of bioremediation, in particular to clean up pollution caused by oil refineries.
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Luana Lins
Luana commenced a PhD with Dr Nathan Lo in 2011. She is studying a group of deep-sea crustaceans, the Asellota, which have great diversity in both family and species number. She will use molecular and morphological information to investigate the phylogeny and biogeography of the isopods. Originally from Brazil, Luana attended the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, where she had been studying the systematics of Asellota.
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Postgraduate Student Committee

David McElroy is the new president of the postgraduate committee. David will be assisted by a number of people who have volunteered for the other roles for the 2011 Student PG Committee:

- Louise Pastro (Secretary/Treasurer)
- Fran Van en Berg (committee member)
- Lindsey Gray (committee member)
- Will Armour (committee member)
- Tory Clarke (committee member)

The School warmly and sincerely thanks Will Armour, Tory Clarke and Miguel Bedoya-Perez for their excellent leadership and dedication to serving the postgraduate community in the Department.

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Student award for 'best paper'
Former honours student, Stephanie O'Donnell, has won the Southwood Prize for her paper about using conditioned taste aversion to teach endangered northern quolls to avoid eating toxic cane toads. The Southwood prize is awarded annually for the best paper in the Journal of Applied Ecology by a young author. Her award was featured in the Central Sydney.
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Scholarship for PhD student

Nathan Emmery has won the Valette Williams Scholarship from the North Shore Group of the Australian Plant Society for his PhD research, which will contribute to the knowledge of the ecology, conservation, or propagation of native plants in the Sydney and surrounding regions.

Nathan says the $1500 scholarship will be used to discover whether the observed differences among populations of flannel flowers (Actinotus helianthi) are due to local adaptation or environmental influences.

"Our knowledge of the underlying source of this variation can inform our decisions about how to manage and conserve native plant populations in the face of changing climates and will provide critical information for improving the propagation and performance of this species as a commercial cut flower," he says.

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Ray Ritchie
Ray has won a position working at a Phuket university and will be leaving for Thailand at the end of April. Ray has had a strong relationship with the School spanning more than 30 years. Starting with a BSc (Hons) in 1977 followed by PhD with Prof Tony Larkum in 1984, Ray left the School soon after for postdoctoral positions, which took him to Cornell, University of British Columbia, Washington State and Scotland, after which he returned to the School to commence an ARC fellowship. Ray has continued to be part of the School, supervising a number of Talented Student and Advanced Biology projects. The School thanks Ray for everything he has contributed over such a long time and wishes him all the best in the new position.
Susan Thomas
Susan has left her role as Executive Assistant to the Head of School, which she held for almost four years and taken up a position at the Power Institute on campus. With her new role, Susan is excited to be returning to her background in art history and also remaining part of the University. We thank Susan for all she has contributed to the School and wish her all the best in the new job.
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Chief Fire Wardens
Mark Ahern is responsible for Macleay (A12)

Matt Day is responsible for Heydon-Laurence (A08)

First Aid Officers
Michael Joseph is responsible for Heydon-Laurence (A08)

Malcolm Ricketts is responsible for Macleay (A12) and Edgeworth David (A13)

Weekend and out of hours first aid: contact security
Safety showers and eye washers
Please remember that these must be tested every week to ensure that they are fully functioning and clean in the event of an actual emergency.
A12 glasshouse
The 'bryophyte' glasshouse behind Macleay is being demolished and a sturdy concrete flooring will be laid down to provide a safe combined recreational and storage area.
A08 renovations
Heydon-Laurence is undergoing construction for a new roof, which explains the scaffolding currently surrounding the building. If all goes well, the outside of the building will also receive a new coat of paint in addition to a new roof.
Remember to recycle paper
People are reminded to regularly take out paper recycling from their office into the big blue bins. This job is the responsibility of School members and will not be covered by building custodians. While we encourage recycling, accumulation of large amounts of paper in offices is a fire hazard.
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Prizes and Scholarships Ceremony
Friday, May 13 | 5.30pm
In May, the School will hold its third annual ceremony to recognise students who were awarded prizes or scholarships in 2010. The ceremony will be held in the Holme Building, from 5:30pm - 6:30pm followed by a cocktail reception. Members of the School and guests of prize-winning students are invited to the ceremony to see the students receive their awards and hear Professor Steve Simpson provide the Occasional Address. RSVP to Rosanna Scaravilli
Keast Lecture
Friday, May 20 | 1.00pm
Dr Devi Stuart-Fox, from the University of Melbourne, is the 2011 Keast Lecturer. Dr Stuart-Fox is an evolutionary and behavioural ecologist who will be delivering a lecture on the evolution of animal colouration in the DTA lecture theatre from 1pm - 2pm, which will be followed by refreshments in the (A08) foyer. Read more

Everybody invited! Please RSVP to Carla Avolio

Graduation: Marine Science and Environmental Sciences
Friday, May 20 | 9.30am
Graduation: Bachelor of Sciences
Friday, May 29 | 9.30am
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Speed and the mating habits of the Australian cane toad are set to expand the theory of evolution according to research published by Rick Shine and Greg Brown in PNAS.
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Friday, May 13 | 5.30pm
Prizes Ceremony
Friday, May 20 | 1.00pm
Keast Lecture
Friday, May 27 | 9:30am
BSc Graduation Ceremony
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