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MAY 2011
Professional Staff
Rattan Bhandari
Rattan is the new Technical Officer joining the School. Rattan will be working with Basil Panayotakos in the workshop, supporting teaching and research. Rattan is familiar with the university landscape, having worked for 10 years in workshops at the University of Western Sydney in the Engineering and Industrial Design departments.
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Kris Bell
Currently working as a Research Assistant with Professor Rick Shine, Kris has a background in research, previously working on the spatial ecology and susceptibility to climate change of tropical reptiles. In the near future, Kris hopes to undertake a PhD with Rick investigating the invasion dynamics of cane toads at the southern extent of their (expanding) range in Australia. Kris is located in Room 440 of the Heydon-Lawrence building, where he shares an office with an odd collection of people known as herpetologists, so feel free to stop off and say 'hi' in parcel tongue.
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Academic Staff
Danny Liu
Danny is the newest 'teaching focused academic' to join the team in first year biology. Danny will work with Dr Matt Pye and Dr Peter Oxley to redevelop the first year biology program. Having just completed his PhD in plant biology, Danny is looking forward to focusing on teaching, his other interest, in this new position for the next 18 months.
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Postgraduate students
Kate McShea
Kate has recently started her PhD with Associate Professor Frank Seebacher and co-supervisor Professor Steve Simpson. Kate will be looking at macronutrient requirements of fish acclimated to varying temperatures and the subsequent effect on physiology, metabolism and behaviour. She has a Masters of Applied Science from Sydney University in Wildlife Health and Population Management and a Bachelor of Science with honours in Environmental Biology, Animal behaviour, Ecology and Conservation from Anglia University in the UK. Although originally Australian, Kate has spent significant time living and studying in both Australia and the UK.
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Michael Carsley
Michael is working with Will Figueira and Mark Meekan (at AIMS) investigating food web structures and trophic differences at coral reefs off the northwest coast of Australia. Michael hopes this work will help identify the importance and influence of apex predators, such as sharks, on those ecosystems. In the future, Michael would like to extended the research to include other coral reefs, such as the Great Barrier Reef and Micronesia, to provide additional comparisons both across all sites, but also between reefs of given areas.
Nicole Li

Yaqiong (Nicole) Li is a PhD student working with Associate Professor Min Chen. Her research is focused on the newest known chlorophyll - chlorophyll f - which was discovered by Min and colleagues last year. Nicole will be investigating the culture conditions of photosynthetic organisms containing chlorophyll f and the molar extinction coefficient of chlorophyll f in different organic solvents.

Nicole finished her undergraduate degree in Wuhan University in China where she studied the inhibitory effects of traditional Chinese medicines on the UV irradiation of lambda-Lysogen. Last year, she finished her masters degree at the University of Sydney with Min, working on a project defining newly isolated photosynthetic organisms and analysing their photopigment composition.

Nada Alshugairan
Nada is a PhD research candidate who is working with supervisors Dr Osu Lilje and Dr Rosanne Quinnell on a project looking at the interaction between actinobacteria with zoosporic fungi. Originally from Saudi Arabia, Nada completed her masters degree at United Arab Emirates University in 2008. Nada is on a full grant from the Saudi Arabian Government, which will fund her doctorate degree in Australia for 3 years.
Visiting Academic
Professor Paul Stevenson
Paul is a neuro-ethologist from the University of Leipzig who has done excellent work on the role of chemical neuromodulators (such as serotonin, octopamine, etc) on the functioning of the neural circuits that control behaviour in invertebrates. His current research concerns the mechanisms controlling aggression in crickets. He came to work with Steve Simpson's lab to learn how to use Ethovision and logistic regression analysis as a means of collecting data for multiple behavioural variables that can then be used to build objective, statistical models for classifying the extent of aggression. Mission accomplished!
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Vice Chancellor Award
Glenda Wardle has won a 2011 Vice-Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Research Higher Degree Supervision. The purpose of this award is to promote, recognise and reward excellence in research higher degree supervision at the University of Sydney. Glenda is the fifth School member to receive this prestigious award, joining past winners Christ Dickman, Rick Shine, Robyn Overall and Dieter Hochuli. Glenda will be presented the award officially at the May 27 Graduation Ceremony.
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Faculty of Science Citation for Excellence in Teaching
Dr Liz May has won the Citation for Excellence in Teaching from the Faculty of Science. Liz was one of six academics to be awarded the Citation, which recognises the contributions of academic staff in the Faculty of Science to high quality teaching and enhancing the student learning environment. Liz was presented with the prize at the Faculty of Science's prizes ceremony on May 17, held in the Maclaurin Hall.
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Faculty of Science Postgraduate Research Prize
Endymion Cooper has won the Postgraduate Research Prize for Outstanding Academic Achievement from the Faculty of Science. Endymion was one of eight students to win this prize, which recognises outstanding postgraduate student acheivements, particularly during the early stages of candidature. Endymion was presented with the prize at the Faculty of Science's prizes ceremony on May 17, held in the Maclaurin Hall.
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UOS Evaluations
A reminder that unit of study evaluations must be completed by the end of STUVAC and sent to Institute for Teaching and Learning.
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OHS Working After Hours

The University is interested in wide consultation in producing a policy and procedure for people working after hours alone. When working after hours, the risks of certain hazards may be increased due to the reduction of immediate assistance. The University is committed to ensuring the health, safety and well-being of staff and students and this procedure will provide the structure for local departments to manage flexible working hours and the associated OHS risks.

A meeting is scheduled in Michael Joseph's office on 24th May 12:00 to 12:30 pm for initial discussion with Colin Chua OHSIM.

If there are any interested parties from any area of staff and higher degree students, please let Michael Joseph know. He will forward a draft policy and draft form "Application for working in a laboratory/workshop after hours". You may wish to comment and return comments by email, or let Michael know if you wish to attend the meeting.

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Keast Lecture
Friday, May 20 | 1.00pm
Dr Devi Stuart-Fox, from the University of Melbourne, is the 2011 Keast Lecturer. Dr Stuart-Fox is an evolutionary and behavioural ecologist who will be delivering a lecture on the evolution of animal colouration in the Old Geology lecture theatre from 1pm - 2pm, which will be followed by refreshments on the lawns outside Old Geology. Read more

Everybody invited! Please RSVP to Carla Avolio

Graduation: Marine Science and Environmental Sciences
Friday, May 20 | 9.30am
Graduation: Bachelor of Sciences
Friday, May 27 | 9.30am
See biology students graduate and Glenda Wardle receive her VC award at 9:30am in the Great Hall. After the official graduation ceremony, please join us for a champagne reception and morning tea in the Macleay Museum from 11am. New graduands will be attending with their families and are looking forward to celebrating with their lecturers. Please RSVP to Carla Avolio

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Visiting from Melbourne University, 2011 Keast Lecturer, Dr Devi Stuart-Fox investigates diverse problems in the fields of evolutionary biology and behavioural ecology, with a focus on the interaction between natural and sexual selection in the evolution of animal signals - particularly visual signals.
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Friday, May 20 | 1.00pm
Keast Lecture
Friday, May 20 | 9.30am
Graduation: Marine Science and Environmental Sciences
Friday, May 27 | 9.30am
Graduation: Bachelor of Sciences
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