Professor Mats Olsson

Research Interests

Our lab focuses on integrating behaviour, genetics and physiology using molecular tools and field biology to study as complete scenarios of trait evolution (such as colour signals) as we believe possible. We make sure to identify the appropriate model system necessary for a seamless project outline taking us from exciting field projects, where ongoing selection can be studied in free-ranging animals, to explicit deciphering of molecular and biochemical mechanisms in the laboratory. In most cases, this has led us to using reptiles and amphibians as model systems.

Scientific Degrees and Diplomas

1998: Docent (Associate Professor, certified lecturer), Faculty of Science, University of Gothenburg
1992: Ph.D., Ecological Zoology. Title of thesis: 'Sexual selection and reproductive strategies in the sand lizard, Lacerta agilis'
1985: Bachelor of Science, with Honours. University of Göteborg, Sweden, (Biology, Geology, Mathematics/Statistics).

Teaching Degrees and Diplomas

1993: University degree in teaching/didactics, one year full time (certified teacher)
1993: Extended course in research didactics, five weeks (involving a separate research project on genus aspects of teaching)

Academic Employment

2012 - current: Professor, University of Gothenburg Sweden, part-time (overlapping with professorship in Australia)
2010 – current: Professor, University of Sydney, Australia
2004 – 2014: (2nd time) Australian Professorial Fellow, Full Professor, level E (highest possible), Australian Research Council (tenured)
2003 – 2010: Professor, Research Only, University of Wollongong, Australia
1997 – 2003: Associate Professor ('Forskarassistent/Docent'), The University of Gothenburg, Sweden
2001 – 2003: Honorary Research Associate, Biological Sciences, The University of Sydney
1993 – 1997: ARC Post-Doctoral Fellow, The University of Sydney, Australia
1987 – 1992: Post-Graduate Student, The University of Gothenburg, Sweden