Mats Olsson

Invited and keynote speeches

Past, present, and predictions: love, lust and longevity in little green men

Year Speech
2011 Invited lecture, Biology of the Spermatazoa, University of Sheffield, UK
2011 Invited seminar, 'Evolution of coloration using sand lizards as a model system', Deakin University, Victoria
2010 Invited plenary speaker at ISBE biannual symposium, Perth
2009 Invited seminar at workshop 'Life in a fragmented world: genetics, diseases and metapopulation dynamics', Centre for Theoretical Biology, Göteborg, Sweden
2008-2009 Invited seminar, 'Evolutionary Biology across Models and Hemispheres', at Tjärnö Marine Biology Centre, University of Göteborg, Sweden
2007 Invited seminar, 'Evolutionary Ecology using lizard models', Macquarie University, Sydney
2007 Invited seminar, 'MHC, Parasites and Behaviour', Flinders University, Adelaide
2007 Invited seminar, 'Natural and Sexual Selection on functional traits: an integrative approach' (cancelled), Paris, France
2006 Invited seminar, 'MHC relatedness affects pre- and post-copulatory reproductive tactics in a lizard', Okazaki, Japan
2005 Invited seminar, 'Evolutionary biology of sand lizards', University of Queensland, Brisbane
2005 Invited seminar, 'Evolutionary biology of sand lizards', University New South Wales, Sydney
2005 Invited seminar, 'Evolutionary biology of sand lizards', Macquarie University, Sydney
2000 Invited seminar, 'Sexual selection and sperm competition in reptiles' (review of my own work), University of Lund, Sweden
2000 Invited  plenary speaker, 'Evolutionary ecology in reptiles', Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour, Spring Meeting, Sheffield, UK
1999 Invited seminar, 'Sexual selection in sand lizards: mechanisms before and after copulation', University of Lund, Sweden
1997 Invited seminar,'Micro-evolutionary consequences of female 'promiscuity' in sand lizards', 3rd World Congress of Herpetology, Prague, Czech Republic
1997 Invited seminar, 'Cryptic female choice', Biology of Spermatozoa, Sheffield, UK
1996 Invited seminar, 'Micro-evolutionary consequences of female 'promiscuity' in sand lizards', 6th International Behavioural Ecology Conference, Canberra, Australia
1993 Invited seminar, 'Implications of sperm competition for reproductive tactics in male and female sand lizards', 2nd World Congress of  Herpetology, Adelaide
1993 Invited seminar, 'Sperm competition', The University of Sydney, Australia
1993 Invited seminar, 'Sperm competition in the sand lizard', University of Queensland, Brisbane
1993 Invited seminar, 'Sperm competition in the sand lizard', Australian National University, Canberra
1993 Invited seminar, 'Sperm competition and sexual selection in the sand lizard', The University of Tasmania, Hobart
1987 Invited seminar, 'Measuring selection and evolution in natural lizard populations', at the Evolutionary biology group of the Adelaide University, Adelaide