Research opportunities

Join our lab

We welcome you to join our lab – there are currently several opportunities to start projects at all levels (from Honours to Postdocs) and to have a project tailored to your own interests. If you are keen on biology and scientific discovery, nothing will turn you on more than talking research in general, and resolve exciting, mysterious, paradoxical evolutionary problems in particular! Prospective students should email a CV and a brief synopsis of research interests and questions to . We also collaborate with other labs e.g., in Australia (e.g., Rick Shine USyd, Erik Wapstra UTas), Sweden (Staffan Andersson U. Gothenburg), and Japan (Yoichi Matsuda, U. Nagoya) to which research trips may be organised.

Photo: Female choice experiments on male coloration by Mo Healey (PhD student) Copyright: Tonia Schwartz.