Collaborations with Industry

The Behaviour and Genetics of Social Insects Lab project "Marker Assisted Selection Of Honey Bees" collaborating with the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council

Adam Munn, Chris Dickman and Mike Thompson project:- "Avoiding Environmental Bankruptcy: the grazing impacts of red kangaroos and sheep". Collaborating with:

Peter McGee is collaborating with Anne Clements and associates(). The collaboration is built around revegetation of highly disturbed ecosystems

Steve Simpson has an ARC Linkage proposal with the Australian Plague Locust Commission titled: Australian plague locust population genetics and migratory behaviour. The grant run from 2007-2010.

Rick Shine has collaborations with:

Dieter Hochuli has several collaborations with Gerry Cassis at the Australian Museum, funded by an Environmental Trust grant "Hidden Losses: Identifying Coextinction of Fauna on Threatened Plants". It ran from 2006-2008.

Shauna Murray is collaborating with the Department of Primary Industries, Fisheries. The project was an investigation into toxic dinoflagellates cysts in the Port Stephens area and ran from 2006 - 2007.

Clare McArthur, Mathew Crowther and Katherine Tuft (PhD candidate) are collaborating with Todd Soderquist and Mark Fosdick of the Department of Environment and Conservation on "Interactions between Rock-wallabies, sympatric macropods and fire in the Warrumbungles National Park". Duration of the project: 2006-2009.