One Tree Island - Accommodation

"Sea Eagle View" houses up to 16 visitors and the "Lagoon Views" houses up to 8 visitors. Both buildings have bunk-style bedrooms and annexe areas. Both buildings have a fully fitted kitchen and dining area. The Lagoon Views has a rubble floor except for the kitchen area which has a timber floor. There is also a gas BBQ. All basic kitchen utensils and crockery are provided. Refrigerator and freezer space is provided for each visitor.

Mattresses, blankets and pillows are provided but visitors must bring their own sheets, sleeping bags, pillow cases and towels

one tree island lounge

This is the Sea Eagle View. Coral rubble surrounds the buildings and is the floor in some structures, so bring robust footwear.

one tree island hut

The lounge/dining area

one tree island benches

Outdoor seating and BBQ area

one tree island aq building small

The new Aquarium Building with high quality water suitable for larval culture and contained rooms for individual experiments.

one tree island aq people

High quality sea water system in the new Aquarium Building

one tree island toilet

The smallest room on the Island with the best view.

Fresh Water

The only fresh water available on One Tree Island is that collected and stored from rainfall. Therefore water conservation is a high priority on the island. There is usually sufficient water for showering (one bucket per person per day) but during times of low rainfall and high usage by visitors, restrictions can be enforced.


The main source of energy for the research station is from solar panels. Additional power is supplied by a diesel generator with a petrol driven generator as back up. Generated power is directed through an interactive inverter that provides mains quality power. The laboratories and accommodation huts are all serviced by 240 volt outlets.


The station has good communication via a satellite link. The phone/fax machine can be used at a 'per minute' rate. Scientists can avail themselves of their email. Downloading a large attachment may incurr a charge. The telephone / facsimile number is: 07 4972 9691. E-mail is available at the station

In addition, the station now has Next G mobile phone coverage. Clients can now use their own Next G phone, but they will need to bring a patch lead for that phone.

Disposal of Waste Materials and Liquids

Sewage: The station has a Clivus Multrum composting toilet.
Recycling: Kitchen waste is sorted and removed from the island.

Laboratory wastes: Visitors who bring non-biodegradable, toxic or radioactive material to the island are solely responsible for all safety aspects of storage and use whilst on the island, and its removal on departure.