One Tree Island - Cost Schedule

1. Bench Fees

One Tree Island Research Station Bench Fees (Per-day including use of small vessels and diving, includes GST):

January 2013 (All prices include GST)

  USYD (Science)
Non-USYD (Science)
Senior researcher 115


Postgraduate students (research) 60


Employed research assistants 65 78
Undergraduate/Honours students 60 69
Volunteer/research student assistants 50 58
Visiting scientists 65 78

Student groups (min 10 people 4 nights)

60 69
Writing retreat (returning student or researcher wishing to write up at OTIRS, no use of facilities included) 42 50
Commercial   240

* 10% discount if 28 days or more

*1 educator free per every 10 students (strictly)

* Visits of less than 5 days incur an induction fee of $100 per team (<10 people) or $200 per team (>=10 people).

* There is a $25 booking fee that applies to all bookings. Changes in booking arrangements attract more expensive fees, $50 for first change, $75 for the second change etc.

2. Transport

All transport bookings from Gladstone are organised by the managers of One Tree Island Research Station to ensure that local tide constraints are taken into account. All travel is weather dependent.

By Sea

  • Bus transfer (when available) Gladstone Airport to marina: $20
  • Gladstone-Heron Heron Islander vessel, per person one-way: $130
  • OTI-Heron Transfer (regular run – usually Thursday) per person one-way: $60
  • OTI-Heron - Linckia II charter, up to 12 people + equipment: $600 per charter
  • Gladstone-OTI – charter vessel*, +10 people + equipment: $5500 per charter

*Please check with station staff if considering this option.

By Air

HELI REEF, Gladstone provides a charter service to One Tree Island. Luggage on the helicopter is limited to 15kg per person.

  • Gladstone to One Tree Island return $2100
  • Gladstone to Heron Islandreturn $1650
  • Heron Island to One Tree Island return $650

*Please be aware return transfer prices are payload dependent and subject to availability. This means prices convert to one way if the helicopter is arriving to OTI or returning to Gladstone empty. Helicopter landings are tide dependent, please enquire with OTIRS Station Managers if you are considering helicopter transfers.

3. Freight

By Barge

  • Food box/medium box: $25
  • Nally bin/large box up to 50kg: $38
  • Large crates 50-100kg: $58
  • Pallets (about 32 food boxes): $410

*Prices subject to change

Excess Freight on Catamaran

No general goods are carried on the Heron Islander including food. If you require special consideration for additional luggage, please inform the One Tree managers. Allow extra time if you have extra luggage and note the following charges:

  • Small box: $30
  • Medium box: $35
  • Large bag or Nally box: $45

4. Additional costs:

4.1 Phone/fax

  • Phone use is by Phoneaway card only, with $10 and $20 cards available on the island.
  • Faxes are charged at standard rates.

4.2 Internet

  • Internet via broadband satellite (station computer or own laptop): $25 per week.

4.3 Accommodation at Heron Island Research Station:

Depending on the tides, it may be necessary to overnight at Heron Island Research Station during your transit to or from One Tree Island.

  • 1 night per person $55*

*Prices subject to change

4.4 Research boats

OTIRS bench fees include the use of the station’s smaller boats. For those, the first fuel caddie is $40, subsequent caddies are charged at cost, currently $70.

4.5 Diving

  • Weights, belts, scuba tanks, and the first tank are included in bench fees. Tank refills are charged at $8 per refill.
  • The station has limited sets of mask, snorkel and fins that can be hired at $20.00 per day.
  • Wetsuit hire $50 per week

4.6 Other

  • Propeller damage will incur a repair cost. ($100 if repairable) Replacement Propeller cost: $250.
  • A $115.00 / hour callout fee will be imposed for unnecessary rescue searches.
  • One Tree island staff labour hire is @ $40.00/ Hour