One Tree Island - Laboratories

Please inform the managers of your requirements when booking.

Dry Lab

This laboratory has standard flooring and approx 12 lineal metres of bench space. 240 volt power outlets are located in this laboratory.

Equipment available:

  • Small bench top centrifuge
  • 2 top pan balance (2 decimal places) + (3 decimal places)
  • 3 good microscopes, 1 compound, 2 dissecting with lights
  • 3 lesser quality microscopes
  • Computer and printer

Aquarium Building

This building has a large room with sea tables set up for flowing water. The sea water is UV steralised filtered (0.35 µm) and of sufficient quality for larval work. If you require 0.2 µm filtered water please notify the station. There will be a charge for the filter.

The aquarium building also has two rooms with bench space where experiments and microscopic observations can be conducted. One of these is a dark room.

Bio Lab

This is an air conditioned physiology unit with:

  • Cryobath
  • Electronic balance
  • Centrifuge
  • Fume hood