One Tree Island - Medical Emergencies

One Tree Island is a remote location with access by boat determined by the tide. In a medical emergency the station staff will contact the Royal Flying Doctor Service and follow their advice. Evacuation may have to be by helicopter to the nearest nurse on Heron Island or to the nearest hospital at Gladstone. The cost of emergency evacuation is the responsibility of the client. Insurance cover is strongly advised. Please check with your parent institution to see if you are covered by the work insurance for emergency evacuation. If not private cover should be considered. The cost of emergency evacuation will not be bourne by One Tree Island Research Station.

First Aid

The island has a well equipped Royal Flying Doctor Medical Chest and access to the RFDS medical staff. However scientists are required to provide their own basic first aid needs.

You should bring:

  • Aqua-Ear (to prevent swimmer's ear)
  • 15+ sunscreen
  • Aspirin or your preferrred pain relief tablet
  • Aloe vera gel or Calamine lotion for sunburn
  • Band-aids
  • Personal insecticide