One Tree Island - Travel Arrangements

  • To allow for local conditions liaise with the island managers to organise transport from Gladstone.
  • Access to the One Tree Island Research Station is from Gladstone, usually via Heron Island.

Travel between Heron Island and One Tree Island

  • The regular 'Orcinus' run. One Tree Island meets the weekly supply barge at Heron Island. These trips are usually on Thursday.
  • Charter of a helicopter with Marine Helicopters, provided one is available at Heron.
  • Charter of the Orcinus. This is tide, weather and staff dependent, so check directly with the station Managers well in advance.

Travel between Gladstone and Heron Island

  • The 'Reef Adventurer II' departs each day at 11.00 am (EST)
  • The checking in and boarding time is 30 minutes prior to departure.
  • The cat arrives at Heron Island around 1.00pm.
  • The service from Heron Island departs at 1.15pm, arriving Gladstone about 3.30pm (EST).
  • Luggage capacity on the cat is limited but generally one personal gear bag and one other (eg - dive bag) is acceptable. Large amounts of equipment must be transferred to Heron Island by the weekly barge service (see freight information).

Helicopter Transfers between Gladstone and One Tree Island Research Station - Direct

It is possible to charter a helicopter to One Tree Island from Gladstone or to obtain a one-way standby seat. Stand by seats are not freely available and it is necessary to book charter flights well in advance. Luggage is limited to 15kg per person.

Boat transfers between Gladstone and One Tree Island Research Station

Depending on the number of passengers it may be cost and time effective to charter a boat from Gladstone. Sailing time (if direct) is 5 hours. Charter vessels also transfer all gear, luggage and food.


This includes any heavy items or large amounts of research equipment. The amount of luggage allowed on the catamaran is limited, and luggage is restricted to 15kg per person on the helicopter. Therefore, it is necessary to send any excess on the barge (MV Robert Poulson) which services Heron Island each week. Ensure all freight is clearly labelled as follows:

- Your name -

and delivered to :

Bulk Handling Pty. Ltd.,
11 Rooksby Street, Gladstone, Qld, 4680.
Phone: 07 4972 5601 fax: 07 4972 440

Freight sent to Heron Island in advance can only be stored for short periods, so visitors should ensure that the arrival of their freight coincides as closely as possible with the day of their arrival.All freight charges from Gladstone will be billed to the Station and added to your charges at One Tree Island. Additional charges apply for unaccompanied freight aboard the Orcinus. Current freight charges are $31.50 per large nally bin and $20 per food box.

Accomodation at Heron Island Research Station

As entry to One Tree Reef is tide (and weather) dependant it is sometimes necessary to stay overnight at the University of Queensland's Heron Island Research Station (HIRS). Bookings at the HIRS are made on all visitors behalf by the manager of OTI. One Tree Island will be charged for your accommodation and this cost will be added to your One Tree Island charges.
Visitors to Heron Island Research Station are expected to cater for themselves, see "Provisions" below for details of how to order food.


Visitors to One Tree Island need to cater for their own meals. This is also the case for overnight stays at Heron Island Research Station. Groceries can be purchased from:

*Drakes IGA,
119 Tooloa St.
Gladstone. Qld. 4680.
phone: 07 4979 5700,
send food order by email

*Coles Supermarket,
Dawson Highway
Gladstone Qld 4680
phone: 07 4978 4377
fax: 07 4978 5386

*Woolworths Supermarket
Gladstone Qld 4680
Phillip Street
phone: 07 4978 1066fax: 07 4978 2136

*Woolworths Supermarket
Goondoon Street
Gladstone Qld 4680
phone: 07 4972 7866fax: 07 4972 9842

*Coles and Woollies accept credit cards. Casts need to be contacted directly to arrange payment.

These supermarkets provide groceries, meat, fruit and vegetables and will deliver orders to the "Robert Poulson" barge. Specify clearly that the food is en route to One Tree Island and the Tuesday when delivery to the "Robert Poulson" should occur. They charge a make-up and packing fee which they include in their bill with your food order. Be aware that there will also be a freight charge on the "Robert Poulson" barge. Food orders should be sent at least one week in advance of the proposed trip.

Local hotels are familiar with the barge delivery service and will arrange for orders to be taken to the barge yard, charging to a credit card.
Possible hotels are: Dicey's Irish Pub (07) 4972 7577
The Young Australian Hotel (07) 4972 1200